Jimmy Fallon rebounds with hardcore history humor

Posted in Just for Fun, Television by Alex L. on March 10, 2009

fallon-pscet-logoJimmy Fallon recently replaced Conan O’Brien as host of Late Night and, in my opinion, he has been off to a sluggish start. In the first episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he swayed on stage in a distracting way during the stand up routine, he was aloof with guests, and he seemed all-around awkward hosting a television program. Nonetheless, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon made a major comeback yesterday when it exhibited a four-minute comedy sketch about the Gadsden Purchase (1853). Nothing says, “I’m striking out on my own and creating a unique television comedy presence” like obscure history humor. High risk, high reward – well done, Jimmy Fallon!

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