HC 004 – “Herodotean Studies in the Twenty-First Century” by H.J. Kim

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In the fourth episode of the History Considered Podcast, I discuss new books critical of the right wing in American politics. I also conduct an overview of a new article from the Journal of Ancient History about the contemporary study of Herodotus. Please send your feedback about the podcast to historyconsidered [at] gmail [dot] com.

Listen: HC 004 – Herodotean Studies in the Twenty-First Century.mp3

The works that I mention in the podcast are as follows:
Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism by George Hawley (2016)
Why the Right Went Wrong by E.J. Dionne Jr. (2016)
Dark Money by Jane Mayer (2016)
“Herodotean Studies in the Twenty-First Century,” Journal of Ancient History, by Hyun Jin Kim (2016)

HC 003 – “Baltimore Teaches, Göttingen Learns” by Emily J. Levine

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I have finally recorded the first publicly-available episode of my long-promised podcast, History Considered. Although I’ve recorded two episodes prior to this one (see end of this post) I have decided to feature only the third as the “first,” which I recorded today.

Listen: HC 003 – Baltimore Teaches, Gottingen Learns.mp3

The works that I mention in the podcast are as follows:

Pericles: A Biography in Context by Thomas R. Martin (2016)
Pericles and the Conquest of History by Loren J. Samons II (2016)
The Grand Strategy of Classical Sparta by Paul A. Rahe (2015)
The Classical World by Nigel Spivey (2016)
The Marketplace of Ideas by Louis Menand (2010)
“Baltimore Teaches, Göttingen Learns,” American Historical Review, by Emily J. Levine (2016)

If you are feeling particularly intrepid, feel free to listen to my rough-hewn first and second episodes of the podcast (but I don’t recommend it :)).

Introducing the History Considered Podcast

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Photo credit (edited) -- Wisconsin_Historical_Society_library_reading_room-photo-James-Steakley

It’s been a long while since my last post, but I have not forgotten my beloved blog, HistoryJournal.org. In the meantime, my interest in history has continued although I have been becoming increasingly intrigued by the audio/radio medium. During 2014, my hobby interest in aviation has also grown. I am an avid listener of the Airline Pilot Guy podcast and also actively participate in the flight simulation community on Twitch.tv.

I have wanted to continue my involvement in history reading but also combine it with my latest affinity for the medium of the spoken word and conversation. So I have created an informal podcast about history, called The History Considered Podcast. I plan to continue my blog, HistoryJournal.org, and also make it a hub for updates about the new podcast. It is my hope that each types of medium — written and spoken — will be complimentary to one another and continue my lifelong involvement with reading and talking about history.

I must admit that I have already recorded a couple of episodes of the podcast but have been bashful about posting them here on my blog. This is because the first couple of episodes have had some annoying audio glitches that I plan to resolve as I continue to record weekly episodes of the podcast.

It is also because the podcast is different in style than others that I have encountered. The format of the podcast is very informal, and I want to keep it that way mostly because I want to keep it fun for myself (and hopefully the listeners). I will talk about this more in the podcast itself, but if you listen to an episode, you will see what I mean. I hope you enjoy the episodes of the podcast which I will start posting shortly, and feel free to provide your feedback to me by email: history considered [at] gmail [dot] com.

I hope you all enjoy it and contribute to its conversations!